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Since I have learned more about storytelling, I found a way to improve this tale. Here is the new version:

This time I bring you another horror story of my own:

Stop the train

The neverending singing of the birds woke me up, even before the sun pierced my window. I opened my eyes very slowly. As I was rising from the world of dreams, to the real world, so the blurred shapes of the birds became clearer.

But the second I stood up, those animals hurried into the sky. I watched them while I was getting dressed. For a moment, I thought it would be fun to have such freedom.

It seemed like a day like any other. But I was excited, because my grandmother was taking me on a train for the first time. At that time, I was only five years old, and I didn’t really understand what it was all about.

Grandma had explained to me that trains were used for traveling. It sounded like a good idea. I thought how wonderful it would be to take a trip… a long, long trip… But something interrupted my thoughts: The morning sun was no longer with us. Now, gray clouds were taking over the sky. Same old thing: Whenever I felt joy, something bad happened. It was almost like someone (Could it be God?) was punishing me for being happy…

We first came to a place where there was only one wall with many windows. It seemed strange to me. Then, grandma went to a window and spoke to a man on the other side. I didn’t really understand what they said. The man gave her a piece of paper.

We went on walking on the train station. Another birds, with their black shapes, were breaking the monotony of that gray sky, which seemed almost ready to ruin that day. This birds were different from the ones I saw earlier.

-Grandma -I pointed to the sky- which birds are those?

-They are swallows, honey.

-And where do they go?

-Well -she paused for a second. Perhaps she was looking for the correct words to explain in a way that I could understand- when winter comes, they go to another place where it is summer.

-Great! -my heart jumped when I tried to imagine a life like that. I thought about the birds again. How nice it would be! Being able to just fly. To fly away from trouble, away from some raging parents. To fly to a place of never ending summer…

Then, we went through a place where another man, dressed almost like a cop, made a hole, in that paper from before, with some kind of device. It seemed not ok to me, but grandma didn’t say anything.

We entered the platform and grandma showed me the train that had stopped right there. The occasional passenger got on or off, but there weren’t many people at that moment.

I climbed the stairs of the train, ignoring the fact that grandma had remained on the platform. I walked down the hall. The color of the upholstery of the seats assaulted my young eyes and I could not take my eyes off them.

I was still observing all that, when the train began to move, slowly at first. I approached the window, as if trying to find out what was going on.

“Stop the train! Stop the train!” -grandma shouted, as she ran desperately along the platform, and waved her arms in all directions, hoping that someone would see or hear her. But there didn’t seem to be anyone around.

The train was moving faster and faster. Soon it would be leaving the station. I leaned out the window. I stretched my arms, trying to reach grandma’s, but the distance that separated us seemed an unfathomable abyss. But then I got to thinking about it. Was it really so? Were we so far away? What if it wasn’t? I wanted to believe not. No, it couldn’t be like that. I was one of the good guys, and the good guys always won, right? So the cartoon superheroes said, and they never lied. Yes, I should be able to get to her… somehow.

“Don’t worry, GrandmaThen I remembered the birds: They were free, so could I be, if I wanted it badly enough. Yes, that was the solution. I just had to open my wings… an fly… fly to freedom. And so I did. I flew.

I don’t know how long it has been since then. I cannot tell day from night. I couldn´t find, yet, that place of never ending summer. Actually, it’s very cold and dark here. The smell of moisture and dirt takes over my nose. Sometimes, I feel some small things crawling inside my belly. But at least, my troubles are over.


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