Month: May 2021


Vampires: The truth behind the myth

They have written rivers of ink about vampires (and even the Simpsons made fun of it). For this reason, as I am opening my blog, I wanted to start talking about the subject from a different approach: What was it really like, for ordinary people of the Middle Ages, to believe, really to believe as if it were an objective reality, in beings that could rise from the grave to drink the blood of the living? I have compiled here some data that I found most interesting.…Continue readingVampires: The truth behind the myth


Silver Surfer: The Hero Who Didn’t Make it

Our Silver Friend got off started with the wrong foot in the movies: He was included as a supporting character in a movie that, for some reason, was not very successful. I´m not going to analyze the quality of the film here. I prefer to focus on the character himself who, in my opinion, still has a lot to offer. An animated series was made, with the intention of continuing it until chapter 22 of the second season. But due to budget problems, they left us expectant, with the cliffhanger from chapter 13 of the first season.…Continue readingSilver Surfer: The Hero Who Didn’t Make it