Don’t let it break you

Wonder Woman

Don’t let it break you

As a fan of Wonder Woman, I’ve read quite a bit of her comics. She is a character that I find inspiring. There were many times when her comic inspired me or moved me in some way. But this time I’m going to focus on one of them in particular.

A bit of context

What I am about to tell happened at a time when the government of my country had don certain things that affected me in a negative way and, in my opinion, they doing so, had been quite authoritarian. I am not going to detail what measures were because… you know: people get very touchy about politics (even more than about religion). The important thing is that it was the perfect moment for what happened that day.

The Argument

The comic I was reading at that time was more or less about this:

The Greek god Chronos had been resentful of his imprisonment in Tartarus and wanted revenge, basically becoming the only god. For this, he had to kill all other deities.

The first thing he did was to free a group of dark gods: supposedly his children, but only those he had not regurgitated when Zeus defeated him. I’m not going to detail here who they were, but each one had their name and powers. Consult the bibliography for more information.

After freeing these gods, he created a champion named Devastation, just as the Olympian gods had created Wonder Woman. And just as the Olympian gods gave her different gifts (her superpowers), the dark gods gave similar gifts to Devastation, Deva for friends (no joke, her high school classmates call her that).

His first move was to send one of the dark gods to try to lock Wonder Woman in an illusion. When this plan failed, he sent Devastation, who failed as well. Then he attacked Olympus, along with his dark children. He defeated the Olympian gods and, when Wonder Woman tried to defend them, he took away all of her powers. But that wasn’t going to stop Wonder Woman, of course not.

Later, Cronos attacked the Indian pantheon. Wonder Woman tried to stop him, with the help of a champion from the Indian pantheon, known as Rama. But the result was the same, only this time, Chronos took away Rama’s powers as well.

The plot eventually resolves. I will not tell you how, because I want to avoid creating spoilers. Again, check the bibliography if you want to know how it ends. What I’m going to do is to move on to the specific scene I want to talk about.

The phrase

When Cronos defeats the Indian pantheon, takes away Rama’s powers and leaves victorious, Wonder Woman comes to the aid of her friend. Rama is weak, so Wonder Woman has to help him up.

It is at this moment that she tells him: “Your powers have been taken away from you. But don’t let it break you.” The sentence was longer and more dramatic, but that was the important part for me.

I remember reading this sentence one morning while traveling on the train to my place of work, not knowing if it even made sense to get up every morning to go to work when, no matter how much money I could make, the government would shatter my dreams. But that phrase gave me strength to continue in the fight.

I wanted to share this anecdote to illustrate the extent to which fantasy gives us wonderful things for our lives. What about you? What phrases of fictional characters have motivated or excited you? Leave me your testimony in the comments.


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