A movie to die of laughter

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A movie to die of laughter

On this occasion, I want to talk about one of the films that most impressed me in my childhood: Return of the Living Dead, by Dan O’Bannon.

I remember being fascinated by this movie: The Rotten Zombies, the scene where they come out of their graves in the rain, the fact that the living couldn’t kill them (only total destruction would stop them). In that sense it was more like the Evil Dead saga than the Romero saga.

tar man miniature
tar man miniature

The film features the typical ’80s horror lighting, with those blue lights bathing the graves.

There are also the typical punk characters, so characteristic of the time.

Despite my fascination with the film, my failed attempts to watch it were many. I was just a little boy, and it scared me so much that on more than one occasion, I couldn’t watch it, in its entirety. When I finally decided to watch it to the end, I remember that I would pray during commercial breaks. This wouldn’t have been so embarrassing, if it weren’t for the fact that I later found out that my mother heard me, and made fun of that. But well, what it’s done, is done.

At that time I came to know of two sequels. I later learned that there are five movies in total. But as usual in movies, the quality deteriorates with each sequel.

tar man mask
tar man mask

A scene that always seemed impressive to me, is when they capture a zombie woman. They tie her up and then interrogate her. At that moment, the dead woman reveals to them, that they do not eat whole people, but only their brains, and that they do so. because it calms the pain, that being dead causes to them. Certainly a scene that I will never forget.

As an adult, I saw it again and realized that it had a lot of comedy.

The movie also included very bizarre things, like a punk girl doing a striptease in the middle of the cemetery. And not only that: she just remained naked and, when the dead started to resurrect, they surrounded her and ate her. After a while, she revives and goes to search for brains, just as she is, naked.

But the most memorable character is the super star zombie of the film: Tarman. You can see several pictures of him in this post.

Doing some research for this article, I learned that it also included a veiled political critique, something that, until now, had eluded me. It made me want to see it again.

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