Chronos cut off Uranus’s nuts

Chronos vs Uranus

Chronos cut off Uranus’s nuts

On this occasion, I will tell another story from Greek mythology, about a dysfunctional family.

It all started with primordial chaos. I already gave details about it in this post, but I am going to focus on the birth of one particular goddess.

That’s right: Out of chaos was born Gaea, the broad-hipped goddess of earth. But Gaea was not alone for a long time, because one night, while she was sleeping, she gave birth to her first son: Uranus, the god of the sky.

And he went fuck his mother!

And another night when Gaea was sleeping, Urano decided to fertilize… his own mother. This is already starting badly!

Thus, Uranus scattered a shower of sperm on Gaea, which fell between the parched cracks of the earth. From this act the rivers and lakes were born. Think about it next time you drink water.

The following night, Uranus repeated the process, and thus, plants began to sprout all over the surface of the earth.

Urano did the same the next night, and thus the animals were born and began to run around everywhere.

And they spawned monsters.

When Gaea realized what had happened, she proposed to Uranus to try it while she was awake. But this time something went wrong: Briarero was born from that union. He was the first of the hecatonchires, a race of giants with 100 hands and 100 heads.

The following night Gyges was born. He’s the second hecatonchire. The night after that, it was the turn of Cotus, the third one. Uranus tried 3 more times and 3 Cyclops were born. Uranus was not very happy with the result, so he imprisoned the 6 monsters in Tartarus.

Better-formed children

So they decided to try again like the first time: with Gaea asleep. So Uranus made the stars twinkle to a lullaby rhythm, so that Gaea would fall asleep sooner. This is how the first Titan was born: Ocean.

In the following attempts the other Titans were born: Ceo, Hyperion, Crio, Iapetus, Chronos, Thetis, Phoebe, Mnemosyne, Tia, Themis and Rhea.


The conspiracy

But Gaea was already tired of having children and resentful of Uranus for having locked up the Cyclops and the Hecatonchires. So she tried to convince her little sons, the Titans, to fight Uranus.

The only one who agreed was Chronos and Gaea gave him a sickle to cut the entrails of Uranus.

Thus, when Uranus tried to hug Gaea again, Cronos took advantage of the distraction to attack him with his sickle. But since he couldn’t see Urano’s entrails, he cut off the only thing visible, which was his genitals.

Chronos vs Uranus
Chronos vs Uranus

More children

After castrating his father, Cronus threw his genitals into the sea. A few drops of blood fell on the ground and from them Alecto, Tisiphone and Megaera were born. They were the black erinyes, who persecute children who kill their parents.

From other drops, ugly giants and nymphs of the ash trees were born.

From the blood that fell into the sea, Aphrodite, goddess of love, was born.

birth of Afrodite
birth of Afrodite

After this coup, Gaea left her place to Rhea and Cronos ruled instead of Uranus. For a while, everything was fine. However, history would repeat itself, but that is a story for another time.


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