6 reasons why I like horror

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6 reasons why I like horror

Here I´am trying to expose 6 reasons why I like the horror genre:

  • Universality: Fear is one of the most primitive emotions that exist. Sure, we are not all afraid of the same things. But already in prehistoric times, when night fell, primitive men had to deal with predators who could see them while they could not. There was no artificial light until men discovered fire. The night was really dark and it was full of sounds of animals that, I suppose, there was no way to know if they were dangerous or not, until it was too late.
  • Antiquity: Related to the previous point, the fear of night, darkness and death inspired the first stories of ghosts and demons that people told around bonfires. Ancient mythologies, for the most part, revolved around the struggle between good and evil, always with the intention of leaving a moral lesson. The only way to warn the youth of that time against the dangers of evil was to present it as something truly terrifying. Horror is probably one of the first narrative genres in history.
  • Total Creative Freedom: Leaving aside external censorship, which has tried to silence this art many times, there is no place for cowardice or middle ground here.
  • It does not guarantee a happy ending: Not that there’s anything wrong with happy endings. I actually like them. But when you expect a happy ending, plot twists are not so surprising.
  • Fantasy: This is perhaps the most important reason for me. You will notice that I talk a lot about that subject in this blog. Fantasy in all its forms always attracted me, since I was a child. Terror always has a bit of fantasy. Even when the plot tries to be realistic (as in the case of slashers) there is always that intention of playing with the spectator´s imagination, trying to suggest that something bad is going to happen and letting him or her fill in the information in his or her mind.
  • Poetic Justice of Fate: Obviously it is not a behavior that I would approve of in real life but… What a pleasure it is when the monster slaughter a negative character! It’s like a symbolic revenge against each one of the idiots who screw up your life. It is also called Literary Revenge. These scenes are the ones that truly deserve applause.

Do you agree with this list? Is anything missing? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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