Zombies and Aliens? Yes please.

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Zombies and Aliens? Yes please.

Today I will talk about an independent film, by a Chilean director who lives now in the United Kingdom: Creatures.

It all starts with an astronomy teacher and a group of his students. They are traveling by bus to a place in the countryside where, presumably, they would make observations.

But everything changes when they find mutilated sheeps. It doesn’t take long for them to discover that a group of aliens are invading Earth.

But that’s not all: They also found a “Gizmo”. Yes, you read that correctly: Along with them comes a good alien, or so it seems. I mean, it’s too furry and cute to be bad.

The point is that these invaders are capable of creating zombies, basically, by killing humans and vomiting slugs on them. Then the slugs get up their noses and revive them.

So we have two-for-one aliens and zombies (and a Gizmo).

The film also includes very surprising things, such as a scene where an alien kills a woman by using a… porcupine, a Japanese girl with a ninja attitude and a metal song that rocks a lot.

But here’s the best part: The aliens talk to each other, in a growling gibberish language. The Anglo-Saxon public can get to understand the basics by observing the body language of the creatures but… the version with Spanish subtitles DOES translate the aliens ‘s dialogues and they are really hilarious.

Highly recommended. If it is released in commercial theaters, don’t miss it!

Here the trailer:

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