More naughty people and a brother with a gun

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More naughty people and a brother with a gun

This time I’ll talk about the second part of Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Fun facts

The film is from the year 1987. Lee Harry was its director. Pasadena and Westwood, California were the locations for the shoot, which lasted only 10 days and cost $250,000. Why did it last so little? Well, as we will see below, the film is only half shot.

In one scene there is a reference to the movie “The Shining”, more specifically, the scene where the killer makes an hole with his axe in the door and sticks his head out to scare the victim.

One of the scenes from the film was posted on YouTube, as a 20-second clip, in 2006 and went viral. They also have made hundreds of parodies of it.


The shooting scene took place from December 9 to December 19, 1986 in Pasadena, California.

The movie that Ricky watches with his girlfriend is the previous movie in this saga when the murderous Santa Claus kills the shopkeeper.

Before we continue, spoiler alert: If you’re thinking about watching the movie, you should stop reading now.

A very, very long flashback

The previous film ends when the police kill Billy (a murderer dressed as Santa Claus). His little brother, Ricky, witnesses the entire scene and blames the Mother Superior.

Now, Ricky is 18 years old and is in a psychiatric hospital, awaiting trial for committing several murders.

Psychiatrist Henry Bloom interviews him. This is when Ricky tells the whole story, starting with his brother Billy. For half of the film, we see a series of flashbacks with footage from the previous film and new inset shots, where the story is told from Ricky’s point of view.

ricky with umbrella
ricky with umbrella

Ricky’s story

After Billy’s death, a couple adopts Ricky and gives him a good education. Things seem to be improve for Ricky, but before long, his adoptive father dies.

His father’s death causes Ricky to lose his path in life and start murdering “naughty” people. Curiously, his first victim is a man who tried to rape a woman… And the woman thanks him!

A light of hope comes in the form of a woman: A girl named Jennifer. But she has a stalker ex-boyfriend named Chip. As the three meet, Ricky loses control and kills Chip, by electrocuting him. Jennifer witnesses the scene and reacts as any sane human being would: She realizes that Ricky is a monster and rejects him for what he has done. This angers Ricky, who grabs an antenna from a car and strangles her.

A policeman witnesses the scene and tries to arrest Ricky. But Ricky manages to take the gun away from him and kill him with it. This is where Ricky starts shooting everything that moves and laughing out loud.

The police send in backup, and when Ricky feels cornered, he tries to shoot himself but has no more bullets left. This is how they manage to catch him.

Suicide ricky
Suicide ricky

Returning to the present

By the time we understand how Ricky got to the hospital, he has already murdered Dr. Bloom and is preparing to escape from the place, killing everyone who gets in his way.

He then kills a man dressed as Santa Claus to steal his suit. Now Ricky plans to kill the Mother Superior, who is now disfigured, wheelchair-bound and living alone.

ricky and Mother Superior
ricky and Mother Superior

Will Ricky achieve his goal? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

Here the trailer:


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